Blog Posts

Blog posts that are relevant to your niche are a great way to share stories, information, education, entertainment, and memories with your audience. You can also use blog posts as a way to increase the number of keywords on your website so that SEO works in your favor.

When you are creating a blog post, you should always consider what you want your audience to gain from what you are posting and how it is relevant to your brand. Keeping these answers focused with a specific outcome and a direct link to your brand will ensure that your audience understands what you are sharing and why. It will also make sure that it is actually relevant to your audience so as to increase their likelihood of looking at it in the first place.

Blog posts can be on virtually anything as long as they are relevant to your audience and your brand. There are endless types of blog posts that you can create, too. If you are blogging (which you should be if you are an affiliate marketer,) below is a list of blog post ideas that you can take inspiration from. Each of these is known to produce great results.

They also express specific outcomes, making it easy for your audience to identify with them and feel a personal interest in learning more about what you have written about.

•Tutorials or How-To articles
•Recipe or step-by-step instructions
•Reasons why (i.e. “Why I Brush My Teeth Three Times A Day”)
•Reasons why not (i.e. “Why I Don’t Wash My Car Anymore”)
•Inspirational stories (i.e. “How [name] Motivates Me Every Day”)
•Product reviews
•Roundups of your favorite [products/services/trends, etc.]
•Advice on how to achieve better results
•Interviews with persons of interest
•Summaries of a speech, film, or book