Branded Content on Instagram

Instagram is exclusive to photo sharing. This platform thrives on having high-quality images that are designed in a way that looks visually appealing and interesting to your audience.

The truth is that many people will not actually read your caption unless your image and the first 3-5 words inspire them to do so. That being said, sharing images that are relevant and high quality and using those first 3-5 words to “hook” your audience is the best way to make sure that you are being seen and heard on Instagram.

The way you are discovered on Instagram is through hashtags. Make sure that you use a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 hashtags that are both relevant to your image and your brand. Using hashtags that are specific will help you target your niche audience without wasting your time trying to wade through those who may not find you relevant.

Furthermore, you are competing against a much smaller number of other businesses which makes it easier for you to be discovered. So, instead of using the hashtag “#Vancouver” you could use the hashtag “#Vancouver-Photography” or “#VancouverCoffee” to specify what it is that you are sharing.

This way, you are appealing directly to your target audience.

There are many ways to locate relevant hashtags that you can use, too. The best way is to search up a hashtag that is relevant to your niche and then begin tapping the “See Also:” hashtags that come up.

These hashtags have a similar audience to the ones you are using and are trending. This means that you can use hashtags that are trending and that is more likely to capture the attention of your audience.

Branded Content on Facebook

Facebook is a platform that is inclusive of sharing virtually every type of content from any other platform or within the native platform itself. It is one of the most inclusive and open sharing platforms available.

Branding on Facebook is one of the easiest platforms of the brand because all you need to do is ensure that anything you are sharing is relevant to your brand and niche. As long as that criteria is met, any picture, video, GIF, status, live video or link can be shared with your audience.

You can also use Facebook stories as a way to share behind-the-scenes content, such as images or short video clips, of the goings on of your brand. Anything you are doing that is related to your brand or relevant to your brand can be shared in these stories as a way to further engage with your audience.