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Social media was not so unexpectedly successful, growing at a significant level compared to 2019. In 2021, this trend can be expected to continue. That is a signal for Social Media specialists to prepare for what awaits them in the following months. And what better way to do it than through this Community Managers Online 2021? An unmissable summit for all experts in the sector for several reasons:

Presence of leading Community Managers

All those attending this Summit will have the opportunity to meet and talk with several of the leaders who define trends and best practices in social networks in Mexico. Among them are the Social Media Manager of Cerveza Minerva, as well as the Cornershop leader on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. Other major brands will also be present, including Buzzfeed, Kavak, Coca-Cola Media House, etc.

Relevant concepts for social media in 2021

These specialists will not only bring their experiences to the Community Managers who attend this summit. They will also discuss some of the trends they hope to see throughout the next year. For example, what will be the most important KPIs for 2021, as well as trends in SEO, social media and video marketing that will boost rankings. And even the future of very promising strategies, such as the use of influencers, will be discussed.

A fully digital experience for Community Managers

In the midst of the health crisis, most of the interactions between industry leaders have moved to the digital environment. This also applies to this Summit. Thanks to the 100 percent online format, it is not only more practical than ever to be part of this summit. In addition, this will allow attendees to have a much more flexible approach, since they do not have to leave other activities to attend. A real win-win for the audience.

However, the Community Managers Online 2021 will be held on February 24 and 25. Although there are a few days until the date arrives, time is running out for people to access their tickets at a special price. Are you interested in being part of a unique event for social media specialists? So don’t forget to visit the official website and buy your tickets right now, for a special price that will ensure your place now:

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