Now that you know where your time is going to be most effectively spent, you need to decide how to spend it on there. This is an important aspect of your strategy because you are going to decide what exactly you are doing to reach out to your audience. An effective marketing strategy will help you determine the following questions when it comes to how to spend your time:

What is going to help me reach my objective?

You want to choose marketing strategies that are going to help you reach your objective. For example, if your objective is to gain more followers, you may want to post more images or relatable content with a call-to-action that is going to encourage viewers to actually follow you.

If your objective is to position yourself as the expert so you stand out against your audience, you may choose to do something different such as starting an educational video series that allows you to show your audience how much knowledge you have while also educating them with it. Choosing a strategy that will be optimized for your objective ensures that you are using your time effectively.

What type of content is needed for this?

There are generally many types of content that are going to support you in reaching any particular objective. The best way to determine what type of content you need to share more of is to take a peek at your existing analytics and pay attention to which ones are getting you the results you want. Then, emulate that content in a way that allows you to increase those specific results.

How can I make the content go further?

Anytime you are marketing, you want to get as much out of any piece of content that you possibly can. This means that rather than posting it and hoping for the best, you share it around. With certain pieces of content, such as blog posts and videos, you can re-share them again later on to support people in getting the information again. This way, anyone who missed it gets to see it.
Alternatively, anyone who saw it but may need a reminder can also see it.

Focus on getting the most that you can out of every piece you create. This means that your time is better spent and that your content goes further, making marketing easier since you do not have to create brand new pieces every single time.

How does marketing work on each platform?

Learning how marketing works on each platform is important. In the previous article, we discussed how the alignment of marketing with what that platform is receptive to is important.

That being said, you need to consider this in depth when you are incorporating any platform into your strategy. For example, if you find that you never make sales directly through Twitter but that you can move traffic from Twitter to your website where sales can then be made, you may adjust your Twitter strategy to focus on getting people to your website rather than trying to get people to purchase directly through your posts.

Understanding how these platforms work and using this in your marketing strategies will ensure that your marketing is effective and that it does not cost you followers or sales in the end.