Interacting directly with your demographic takes some practice. You first need to know where they hang out online. Then, you need to know how to talk to them in their own language. Lastly, you need to know what it takes to actually attract their interest and have them pay attention to what you are saying.

Knowing where your demographic hangs out online is easy to figure out. Simply go to Google and search up the demographics for each of the major social media sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube). Then, see which ones hang out most for your demographic. This is where you need to be spending the majority of your time so that you can successfully reach your audience online.

Knowing how to talk in your demographics’ language takes practice. If you are not directly a part of this demographic yourself, you will need to know how they speak, what language they use, and what language they never use.

Speaking in a way that is relatable to your audience will ensure that they resonate with what you are saying and that they pay attention. If you frequently use language that your audience never uses, they are not going to relate to what you are sharing, so they will not end up following you.

Instead, they will follow someone else whom they relate with better. You should pay attention to what slang, hashtags, and references your audience uses in their language. Then, use that in your marketing. This creates a relatable front that makes you both interesting and easy to understand for your audience.

Finally, knowing what actually interests your audience is important. Marketing to your audience in their own language about topics they do not care about will not be effective in catching their attention. Instead, you need to know what matters to them.

Again, knowing this will come from paying attention to what they are saying and listening to their concerns. When you hear what matters to them in their own conversations, this becomes easier to know what you need to talk about yourself.

For example, say your audience is worried about being late because they constantly have such a busy schedule. You could focus on marketing products that help them with scheduling or being more on time.

Alternatively, say your audience is deeply passionate about family. You could begin marketing family-focused products and services that fulfill this interest. Making sure that all of your posts are actually interesting to your target audience will ensure that you are regularly earning new followers and that everything you market is something that they would actually want or need in their life, thus making them more likely to purchase it.