What Information is Tracked?

What specific information is tracked depends on what platform you are reading your analytics for. In general, the way social media, websites, and email newsletter services track analytics varies slightly since different information is more important for different platforms.

What Do All Platforms Track?

All platforms will track to see where your audience is coming from, what they are landing on when they arrive, and the demographics of your audience. This information gives you an idea of how you are moving traffic around between your networks and what traffic is being moved.

What Does Social Media Track?

Social media, specifically, will track the number of people who see your posts, the number of people who engage with your posts, and who these people are.

This information gives you the opportunity to know exactly who is the most engaged in your content and who feels they are getting the best value from it. This can support you in creating more posts that are aligned with what your audience wants to know and that can feed your audience’s needs.

If you are on a video marketing platform such as YouTube, you will also learn about the amount of time people watch your videos for and when they tend to click away.

What Do Websites Track?

Websites will track where your audience is spending the most time on your website. When you run a blog, this can help you determine which posts created the biggest interest and which ones were most popular for you. That way, you can get an idea of what type of content your readers like to consume most and which ones were most successful for marketing purposes.

What Do Email Newsletter Services Track?

Email newsletters will track how many people opened your newsletter and how many people clicked links within your newsletter. This will give you an idea as to how many people are seeing your emails and how many people are actually taking action once they see your emails. Knowing this can support you in making better subject lines, including more relevant content, and marketing in a more effective way through email marketing.