Exactly how much time it is going to take you to become profitable from affiliate marketing ultimately depends on what industry you are marketing for and how effectively you build up your following.

If you are using effective marketing strategies that attract your audience to you and encourage them to trust in you and your opinion, and you are tapped into a larger niche, then you can easily begin making money within just a few months or even weeks.

If, however, you are not marketing effectively and you are coming off too pushy or sales-like while also failing to create any real connections with your audience, or you are attempting to market to too small or isolated of a niche, it could take you a long time to ever earn a profit, if you even do. With that understanding, how much you make will ultimately depend on you.

There are some aspects that are pretty standard, however, that can contribute to the amount of time that it takes you to begin earning an income. If you are marketing to a healthy niche and you are using effective attraction-based marketing strategies while building your network, you can still expect at least a few weeks or months before you begin earning a healthy profit.

Ideally, you will need to spend some time building your audience without marketing anything specific to them so that they relate to you and begin to trust you.

Then, once you have a larger following that trusts you and your word, you can begin marketing to them. If you follow this effective strategy, which also happens to be the very one I layout in this article, then you can expect to be earning a healthy profit from your affiliate marketing income stream within six months or less.

If you really take this website and run with everything I teach you, you may even be looking at earning your health profit within two or three months. Anything can happen when you are dedicated!