Making an Effective Call-To-Action

Making an effective call-to-action is a necessary part of marketing your links to people. Simply saying “buy this!” is not going to be enough to get someone to look at your product.

fIn fact, most of the standard calls-to-action you can think of right now is probably not enough. These have been used so many times that most people are desensitized to them. In other words, they don’t even really see or register them because they are so bored of it.

Instead, you need to use something fresh and effective. Take some time to be creative so that you can create a call-to-action that is actually new and unique.

When it is unexpected, your audience is more likely to want to click through and see what all the hype was about. You also want to make sure that you are using commanding verbs that make it sound like you are giving a clear and distinct order.

This way, people hear what you are saying, and they feel like you are telling them what to do so they do it. No guessing is involved. Instead, they hear the action and they take it.

You can also use fear of missing out as a way to encourage your call-to-action to be effective. Fear of missing out, or “FOMO” as the internet calls it, is a real sensation people get when they worry that something incredible is happening and they are not involved. Using this sensation to get people to purchase is a great way to build excitement around your product or service and make more sales.

Here are some examples of great calls-to-action that can support your sales:

•“Download your copy today to see what the entire buzz is about!”
•“A healthier life starts now! Fill out this form to get started.”
•“Don’t miss out on this great deal, head on down today!”
•“Shop these great deals right at your fingertips!”