As an affiliate marketer, it is only natural that you will want to incorporate product reviews into your branded content. Sharing product reviews even before you are getting paid for them is a great way to let your audience know what to expect, to have them already used to see what and how you review, and to show them that you are trustworthy in reviewing only things that will actually be of use or value in their life.

Product reviews make for great blog posts as you can go into detail about the many reasons why you like the product, how you used it, and what you noticed about it. You can also spend some time highlighting why you have decided that it is superior to the other products on the market.

When you write a product review on your blog, you also incorporate the name of the product and other keywords associated with that product into your website. This is great for boosting your website in the eyes of SEO content.

You can also incorporate video reviews into your reviewing method. Video reviews do not have the same leverage with SEO, but they do allow you to create tags if you use a platform like YouTube which can support SEO.

Video reviews also offer you a unique opportunity to actually physically show the product to your audience. That way, they can see it, get a visual of what makes it unique, and actually see it in action as well. Furthermore, seeing your face and body language as you review it gives them an idea of how excited it is to have that product and know more about it.

For example, if you are excited and jumping around with joy about the product, they know that they can also get extremely excited. However, if you are calmer yet still excited about the product, they know that it is a great product but that they do not necessarily need to leap out of their seat with joy over the idea of it.

Once you have made the official review, either as a blog post or a video, you should post the relevant link on your other social media platforms with a caption that highlights 2-3 things you loved about the product and directions on where they can find the full review.

If it is an affiliate-based review, you should also include that it is an affiliate-based review and that you may be paid or compensated if they purchase through your link or discount code.

This is common courtesy, but it is also a legal requirement across most platforms. Share this link to as many of your platforms as possible to drive traffic to the review and, if applicable, to your affiliate link as well.