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Pulkit Trivedi

Dr. Pulkit Trivedi is a multi-talented person who is an affiliate marketer by profession and a blogger by passion. Talking about the educational background, Mr. Trivedi completed his MBA and is a Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

What makes Dr. Pulkit different from others in the industry is his creative skills in Marketing. He is a reader of minds and can evaluate the buyer’s spending capabilities without even asking for it. His problem solving and decision making skills are something that have helped him grow and grow farther and farther. He believes that Affiliate Marketing is an art and the one who excels at it is the one who practiced it the most times with a unique sense of individuality and creativity.

Mr. Pukit loves Russel Brunson as a person and he looks up to him as an inspiration. Russel’s entrepreneurial skills and analytical thinking capabilities is what has made Mr. Pulkit a big fan of his. Mr. Pulkit Trivedi is an avid reader and often refers to Russel’s books for new ideas and to refresh his own mind whenever he feels stuck. Traffic Secrets and Expert Secrets are his recent favourite editions.

Pulkit is a man of calm mind and advises others in the Industry to follow the same path of kindness, humbleness and staying true to oneself. He believes that if a person wants to be successful in any of the given fields, he ought to be disciplined, ethical and loyal towards one’s own community. He also says that taking the short way will never give you long term results but a short-lived fame. He said for himself that understanding the right way and making smart decisions to get to the destination is the most important thing to do.

With his dedication and perseverance, Dr. Pulkit is all set to change the Affiliate Marketing world and build it into an even bigger and better space by mentoring young minds and coaching them with the best of knowledge. He is sure to reach the top of the blogging and affiliate marketing world in the years to come.