Social media is a platform that needs consistent posting in order for anyone to stay relevant. Posting on a regular basis will ensure that your profile stays active, thus making it so that people see your posts more frequently.

Many marketers claim that choosing three different platforms and posting to one platform daily and the other two at least four times a week is a great way to market successfully without spending too much time doing so. I suggest that you do this as well.

Once you know which platform gets you the best results, make a point of posting to that one as often as possible. Then, use the other two that cater to your demographic at least four times a week to keep an active profile and to stay relevant in peoples’ feed.

If you want to set a lofty goal, which is always admirable in this business, you can post at least once per day but ideally, three times per day across all three of your most popular platforms is recommended. This will keep your page active and relevant and support your growth in an exponential way.

Whichever you choose to do will ultimately depend on your preferences. Both are a great and sustainable option. However, the latter will certainly help you with quicker growth.

When you are posting, you can do anything from sharing links and images to updating your status with a question or statement that your audience will find relevant and interesting.

You should also use the platform in a way that is unique to that platform’s usage, rather than attempting to use the same approach on all platforms. You can learn more about specific posting techniques on each of the four major platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) below.