Story Marketing

One of the latest trends in marketing is sharing stories with your audience. This requires you to tell a story that then turns into a call-to-action.

Doing this creates a sense of relatability and interest from your audience to you before actually asking them to do anything. Then, because they are interested in and feel that they can relate to or understand the story you have shared, they are more interested in what you are marketing.

Your story with story marketing should always have some form of theme and lesson that actually relates to what you are trying to sell. For example, say you are marketing for a razor that is less likely to cut you when you are shaving.

Your story could include a particularly outstanding time that you were trying to shave and you kept cutting yourself with the razor, thus making it both painful and frustrating.

Then, everyone who can relate to the frustration of being nicked by their own razor on a regular basis remains interested. Once you have concluded with your lesson, you can say “If you are also sick of cutting yourself with your razor, you should check out [product]!” with your affiliate link or a link to the product and your discount code available for your audience to click.

This particular marketing strategy has been extremely powerful in supporting marketers in connecting with their audience and creating a memorable impact on them. It is a growing trend that seems to only be getting stronger and stronger.

Getting involved in this type of marketing is a great way to keep yourself involved in the latest trends, build a connection with your audience, and make some sales.

The key element to making these stories effective is making sure that their length is relevant to the platform you are using. For example, a story on Instagram should not be more than a few sentences, whereas, a story on Facebook can be wordier.

Even still, a story on Facebook should not be quite as long as a blog post, which should typically range from 750 – 1,500 words in length. Keeping your post length relevant to the platform you are on will make sure that your audience is receptive to the entire story.