The Importance of Having Multiple Marketing Streams

When it comes to building an online business, it is not enough to just spend time on one platform and rely on that as your primary stream for marketing.

There are many reasons why this is bad practice. First and foremost, it results in you not taking advantage of the billions of people out there to market to. Only relying on one single platform greatly reduces your visibility and makes your brand seem insignificant.

If you think of any brand or influencer, chances are you can also think of at least 3 different areas to find them online. This is because they are building a presence everywhere, which is a strategic way to get in front of the largest audience possible.

Multiple marketing streams also mean that you can take advantage of the different styles of marketing. Chances are that your audience likes to consume content in many different ways. Connecting with your audience in these preferred ways and getting creative on the platforms you are on creates a great opportunity to cater to the receptivity of your audience.

Lastly, no marketing stream is secured enough that you should never have backups. If any of the platforms you are on were ever to go down and you were nowhere else to be found, your audience would no longer have access to you and your entire business would fall flat. This is why, you need to be on many platforms, as well as have an email list.

Emails are the only thing you can use that guarantee access to your audience no matter what happens. Creating an email list, even if you are not necessarily using it as a primary marketing strategy, is necessary for ensuring that if anything were to ever happen you could easily let your audience know where to find you.