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Unlike many other marketing approaches in 2021, demand generation prioritises creating a need for a product or service before selling it. Demand generation today requires a more comprehensive marketing approach as it combines both marketing and sales initiatives to produce a more significant overall contribution to revenue.

This marketing tactic continues to evolve quickly as demand generation becomes the primary focus for marketers across many different industries. The difference between those who dominate within this tactic and those who fall short comes down to the accurate execution of demand generation techniques and an eye towards upcoming trends.

Here are the top ten demand generation trends you can expect to see in 2021.

#1 Video marketing

Video is swiftly becoming a preferred way by which audiences consume their content. While video marketing is growing exponentially – over 87 percent of online marketers use video content, viewers’ attention spans are decreasing. Utilising curated byte-sized videos is a way to implement video marketing that is both effective and concise. These short-form videos typically do not exceed a viewing time of one minute and thirty seconds.

#2 Content should be present at every stage of the customer journey

Creating a funnel that successfully keeps your customers moving through it relies heavily on how well you are keeping them engaged throughout their journey. Content creation is an absolute must for today’s marketers.

Providing valuable information to your prospects and target audience gives them the chance to spend more time with your brand and offerings. The content presented should continuously communicate the value proposition and advantages organically.

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#3 Make LinkedIn marketing a priority

In just a few short years, LinkedIn has grown from a professional networking base into a formidable content sharing platform that nurtures lead generation. Marketing on LinkedIn has become essential for B2B marketers as nearly 97 percent people use the platform for content marketing. Not only does LinkedIn provide a useful engine for generating leads and perpetuating and sharing valuable content, but it also offers user data that can be incredibly significant to marketers.

#4 Podcasts

Over 45 percent of podcast listeners make over $250,000/year, many of whom are CEOs and top executives. This marketing tactic is incredibly valuable for B2B marketers looking to connect with decision-makers on the platforms with which they already engage.

As podcasts are typically consumed for the information they provide, finding a way to add value to the listener is an effective and often successful way of sharing content that generates demand for your product or service.

#5 Implement chatbots and marketing automation

As audiences demand responses and action more quickly, automation has become the natural answer to this request. Automation and live chats empower marketers to instantly respond to the questions or objectives their audiences may have.

Using automation, marketers can send action-triggered notifications, manage customer relationships and retention, track sales, and set up live chats that keep marketers engaged with their audience. This also allows them to collect valuable data that can be used to engage with potential and current customers effectively. Setting up a chatbot is one of the most effective ways to execute this strategy.

#6 Integrate sales and marketing functions

Marketing and sales continue to show signs of necessary integration; however, this is still an area where many companies and teams fall short. The expansive communication gap between sales and marketing teams may be costing them potential customers.

Companies that sync the goals and functions of sales and marketing typically achieve 24 percent faster revenue growth over a three-year period. Streamlining the processes of marketing and sales ensures a more effective strategy that can decrease the time spent on your sales cycles.

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#7 Prioritise the user experience

Your website is usually the handshake between you and your potential customers, so it is crucial to make a good impression. This initial touchpoint must ensure a positive and valuable experience between your visitors and your site.

Your website provides an excellent opportunity to inform and convince your visitors that your product or service offers value to their goals and processes. Nearly 48 percent of marketers build new landing pages for individual marketing campaigns to ensure the user experience is cohesive and effective for the campaign's goals.

#8 A/B Testing

A/B Testing provides the opportunity to test two unique versions of copy, a page, or a design that share the same specific goal. This form of testing empowers you to develop a deeper understanding of how you can improve your current marketing approaches and strategies.

Marketers who don’t take advantage of this strategy miss the opportunity to pull ahead of their competition. A/B testing provides the information needed to determine how to best delegate your marketing efforts to optimise conversions.

#9 Multi-channel strategies

Today’s consumer interacts with many different platforms to receive information and engage with new brands and companies. If you are targeting just one channel, you are missing a vast audience. Multi-channel communication empowers you to reach your target not only on multiple platforms but through various and unique forms of media.

An adaptive marketing team in-tune with newer channels who are capable of modifying messaging and content across different channels will be the most effective.

#10 Salaries on the rise of elite demand marketers

Demand is in high demand. The separation between the average demand marketers and the elite is substantial, but those at the top will reap the benefits in the future. Today’s elite recognises the immeasurable and exponential value that is presented through demand generation.

Though this area of marketing is on an astronomical rise, the supply of top-notch marketers has yet to catch up – resulting in some very well-compensating positions.

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