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Did you know that this year, according to Smart Insights, it is estimated that people will spend up to 100 minutes a day watching videos? This is why for all kinds of companies, including the smallest ones, there may be a significant opportunity when working with the format. In particular, for small businesses there is a series of videos that can be of great help and here we will know some of its details.

According to experts, here are some of the types of videos pumice can turn to to get started with their video marketing efforts:

Presentation videos

According to Vidyard, one of the first videos that small businesses can consider are introductory videos, the ones that simply say hello to customers and potential buyers.

As it is understood by the name, it is about materials where the idea is to present the business and explain what it does. These videos can be useful to be taken to spaces such as the business website or social networks so that people have a better idea of ​​the company and the problems they can solve.

Ideally these videos need to be less than 90 seconds long to convey the above message.

Given the nature of the content to be presented, the video can be developed in multiple ways, either with a person in front of the camera or through an animated video.

Videos highlighting products

As the name implies, this second type of videos for small and medium-sized businesses is about materials that are intended to present the products and show how great they are together with what they can do and that it has them in that adjective.

A good way to develop these materials is through a story. Using storytelling can better illustrate how the product can be useful in life and in the face of people’s challenges, it can also attract future buyers in a more emotional way.

It’s also helpful to work with a 3-act structure where the stage is set first, then the conflict, and finally the solution.

How To’s

This third type of videos that small businesses can develop are one of the ones that can generate the most contributions. These are materials that explain things like how the product can be used to take full advantage of its features.

To develop this type of videos, you must first choose the topics that may be of interest to people, then it will be possible to proceed to the realization of a script to adhere to.

During the development of these materials it is also advisable to consider the time, ideally they should last between 2 and 5 minutes.


Finally, among the top video options small businesses can’t ignore testimonial ones. These help to a great extent to build trust with new consumers since they are materials that do not have that focus on sales but on telling the experience of other people like them.

According to Mesh.Live.Build, the best testimonials are those that not only speak bine of the product with a myriad of adjectives, but show three elements in particular: benefits, company claims and credibility.