Affiliate marketing is a style of marketing wherein individuals with an established online presence can share products or services on behalf of other companies and be paid a commission for it.

Typically, affiliate marketing pays you based on the number of people who purchase using either your custom link or discount code when paying for products or services of the company that you are marketing for.

The amount that you are paid depends on the terms of your agreement with the program or company.

There are two ways that affiliate marketing can support people in making money online. The first way would be for someone who already has an established presence, such as for blogging, to add an additional income stream. This is a great way to maximize your earnings and make a great income online.

Another way that many people are creating money through affiliate marketing is intentionally building a presence with the desire to affiliate market. In this circumstance, affiliate marketing is your primary income source in the online space.

Affiliate marketing is similar to direct sales or network marketing, except that you are not bound to market for any single company. Instead, you can market for many companies at once and share all of your favorite products and services simultaneously.

That is, as long as none of the agreement fosters a “no competition” clause that prevents you from marketing for something similar around the same time that you are marketing for their company.

When you are building your affiliate marketing income stream, you are essentially building an online presence of people who trust you and are interested in what you have to say. You create an opportunity for you to capitalize off of that trust by simply acquiring affiliate marketing agreements with companies and then sharing your favorite products with your audience. Then, you get paid.