Branding is a way of creating an identity for your business that is recognizable by your audience. A brand gives your business a face and a personality. The purpose of branding is to make it easy for your new and loyal audience to identify you, know who you are and what you do, and distinguish you from other businesses that are operating in the same niche as you are.

A great way to understand branding is to think about someone you know who has a bold personality. If you think about this person, you likely recognize their name, a few important facts about them, and exactly how they present themselves to others. This is because they have personally branded themselves in a way that is easy for others to recognize. This branding may or may not be intentional, but either way, it leaves a lasting impression.

The same goes for any memorable business you can think of. Even if you do not know the name of any particular people associated with the business, chances are you can identify the business as though it were a person. Just as with the example above, you can likely identify the name of the business, a few key facts about it, and how it presents itself or what personality it takes on through marketing and interacting with its audience.

Branding works by creating an identity that people will build a relationship with. If you are branding yourself as an affiliate marketer, you may be using personal branding. This means that your name (or pen name) will become well-known by your audience.

This is the person they are going to build a relationship with and begin trusting in with regards to whatever your niche is specific to. As a result, you need to have an identity that is well-branded so that they know exactly who they are building this relationship with.

Although branding is the process of building an identity for yourself and your business, there are many moving aspects that go into creating a brand and making it recognizable.

These aspects of your brand will involve your image, how you share yourself, your name, where you spend time, and how you present your brand’s personality online.