Your niche will highlight who your demographic is. However, you need to get really specific on who they are exactly. When you know exactly who they are, you will know how to market to them, right down to knowing what to say, how, and when.

Finding out your specific demographic is going to take a bit of time and effort on your end. First, you can spend time researching them. You should do this even before you begin building your audience online.

This will ensure that you have a basic understanding of your audience as your marketing strategies. You can research them by looking them up online and seeing what they all have in common.

Where do they come from? What do they do for a living? Do they have families? Are they married? What do they like? What do they love? What do they dislike and hate? What do they stand for? Learn as much as you can about these people and discover what it is about these topics that really define them as a person.

Do this for several profiles, and then pay attention to the trends you see. These trends will highlight the ideal profile of your “who.” Then, you can begin marketing.

After you have been building your audience for some time, you can begin looking into your analytics to learn more about your demographic. Here, you are going to get an idea of how you are connecting with people and whom you are connecting with.

You might be surprised to learn that the people you connect with best are somewhat different from your ideal profile. If this is the case and you feel unhappy with your audience or like you are not meshing well, you may want to begin changing your marketing strategy or adjusting how you communicate with your audience to get a more specific reach. If you are happy with this audience, you can continue marketing specifically to them and rolling with it.

Being specific early on is essential, but having a bit of a surprise is not a big deal. Because you had not yet accumulated an audience when you started, outlining exactly who your audience is can be hard. Getting out there and really putting everything to work can help you get a better understanding over who resonates with you.

Once you have a strong existing audience built up with a demographic that feels like the right fit for you and that features a profitable market within your chosen industry, you can feel confident that you have discovered your niche. These are the specific people you will be catering all of your marketing toward in the future.